Tourist Information


A guide for tourists coming to Siem Reap.

Visas & Arrivals


You will need to get a visa to enter Cambodia. Most visitors will enter the country on a tourist visa which is valid for 30-days. Residents of some countries are not eligible for visas on arrival. For more information see the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. You can either buy an e-visa online before your arrive or get a visa on arrival. If you buy your visa online beforehand, it can speed up the process of getting through customs.


Airport Transfers


In most cases, your hotel will arrange a pickup from the airport. If your hotel doesn’t offer this service, we can come and meet you at the airport and safely take you to your hotel. We can also take you back to the airport in time for your departure. Contact us for more information about prices and options for airport transfers.




There are many hotels, guesthouses, villas, hotels, and other types of accommodation available in Siem Reap. There are expensive 5-star resorts to cheap dorms. If you don’t already have your accommodation booked, we can help to recommend a hotel for you. Contact us and we can give you some great ideas about places to stay in Siem Reap.




Both Khmer Riel and US Dollars are accepted everywhere in Cambodia. Only notes are used and you will probably get your change in a mixture of Riel and Dollars.

Credit cards are accepted at many places in Siem Reap town and you can use them in restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and other places. Outside of Siem Reap, credit cards are not widely accepted. You should also bring cash with you when you enter the Angkor Archaeological Park as most places will not accept credit cards.

There are also many ATMs around Siem Reap. They have varying fees depending on the bank used. You should try to only withdraw cash from ATMs in very busy locations during the day time and not in the evening.

There are many currency exchangers around town offering varying rates. You can check the rates and ask around to find the best ones. Usually smaller money exchangers offer better rates than banks.




Siem Reap is a safe town and most visitors will go home with only happy memories. However, Siem Reap is not crime-free and visitors should be vigilant at all times. There are also some scams which target tourists and sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. Be careful of beggars and don’t give money to them. There are many other ways to help Cambodians. We can put you in contact with various organisations which work hard to reduce poverty and provide a better standard of living for many Cambodian people.


Getting Around


Getting around Siem Reap is very easy. The town itself is very small and most things are within walking distance. You can often walk from your hotel to the Pub Street and Night Market areas. There are also many tuk tuks around and you’ll have no problems finding one! You can go short distances for just a couple of dollars and often is a quicker and more exciting way to get around town.

There are many shops offering bicycle rentals and moto rentals. Many visitors like to cycle around Angkor Wat and we offer a unique cycling tour of the temples. Visitors are not legally allowed to rent motos, but the police seem to ignore it. Many places will require your passport as deposit, so be careful if you rent a moto!


Food and Drink


You won’t go hungry in Siem Reap! There are so many restaurants to choose from, that there really is something for everyone. We have local Khmer options available as well as other Asian cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. There are also restaurants serving food from all over the world. Restaurants catering for vegetarians and vegans are also available.

There are also many bars and nightclubs in Siem Reap town. We have sports bars where you can catch up on the football. There are venues with live music, buffet dinners with traditional shows, and more.