Trekking in Phnom Kulen

Trek through one of the most sacred spots in Cambodia. The place which start the great Khmer Empire.

Tour Description

Start Time: 8:30AM

Finish Time: 5:00PM

Pick Up & Drop-Off: Hotel

Tour Itinerary

River of a Thousand Lingas, Reclining Buddha, Waterfall, Preah Kra, and Porng Damrei.


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Tour Description

We start this tour with a two hour drive to Phnom Kulen National park, which is located about 48km north of Siem Reap town. Phnom Kulen (mountain of the lychees) is an isolated chain of mountains around 480 meters high at its highest peak and averaging 400 across the range. Phnom Kulen has great importance for the Khmer People, as it is said that King  Jayavarman II declared himself the king of kings (chakravartin) on this sacred mountain proclaiming Cambodia’s independence from Java in the year 802 AD. It was this act which is the foundation of the Khmer Empire.

Once we have arrived, we will make our way up the mountain to Kbal Spean, home to “The River of a Thousand Lingas”. This important site is deep in the jungle and consists of intricately carved stone formations in the riverbed and banks. The carvings are mostly Hindu in nature and are dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

We will now continue our trek further up the mountain to Preah Ang Thom. After climbing the steep steps to the top we will discover a Pagoda which houses a giant 8-meter-high statue of Buddha, known as the “Reclining Buddha”. The Reclining Buddha statue is the biggest of its kind in Cambodia, and this holy and sacred statue attracts many religious pilgrims from all over the country.

After a hard morning trekking, we will now visit one of the main attractions in Phnom Kulen, the beautiful waterfalls. Here we can relax from the midday sun with a swim in the river and a spot of lunch on the riverbanks. There is also a picnic area for those who choose not to swim.

After relaxing we will continue the trek to Preah Kral here we will see another fascinating pagoda. After exploring this little pagoda, we head off the beaten track to Porng Damrei, also known Elephant Pond or Elephant statue. This area, which is only accessible by foot, is filled with stone carvings of various animals such as lions and elephants.

After a hard days trekking we now head back to Siem Reap and your hotel.

Tour Includes

Bicycle Hire

Cold Drinking Water

Tour Guide

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Temple Pass

Food & Drinks

Personal Expenses

Tour Information

You need a temple pass to enter the Angkor Archaeological Park. The price is $37 for a one-day pass, $62 for a three-day pass, and $72 for a seven-day pass. Beng Mealea, Koh Ker, and Phnom Kulen are not included in the Angkor Pass and you need to buy a ticket separately if you want to visit these places.

Visitors are reminded to follow the rules. You cannot smoke or litter anywhere in the temples. You must also dress conservatively and cover your shoulders and knees, otherwise you may not be allowed access to the temples.

You must not climb on any stones, touch anything, or cause damage to anything inside the park. If you break this rule, you could be fined, imprisoned, or both.

You are required to pay for your tour at the end of the day. If you have a multiple day tour, you need to pay in cash on the final day of the tour. We only accept cash payment in United States Dollars or Khmer Riel.

Tour Prices start from the price listed above. This price is for a group of one to three people. Prices vary for larger groups. Send us a booking below and we'll quote you the exact price for the number of people in your group.

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